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Free Yogurt! Join Us on a Flavor Quest

As if anyone needed another excuse to go grab some frozen yogurt, our client Yogurtland’s fearless Flavorologist has scoured the globe to bring 10 new delicious reasons to every Yogurtland. And now they’re inviting everyone to take a Flavor Quest of their own.

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Facebook Chefs Serve Up a New Feed

Get ready for a very visual timeline consumption.

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YouTube Harlem Shakes its Way into Conformity

The ‘Harlem Shake,’ the ‘screaming goat,’ the ‘grumpy cat,’ the ‘condescending Wonka.’ Back in the ’50s and ’60s they’d sound like dance numbers. Today, unfortunately, they’re just monotonous memes.

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It’s Valentine’s Day … and There’s an App for That

So it’s Valentine’s Day and who needs to rely on Cupid’s arrow when you’ve got a fully charged smartphone? Let’s put that baby to good use!


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Vine: Your Twitter-Condensed Version of YouTube

Last week, the tranquil waters of Twitter were shaken by a newcomer to the social sphere. Vine, a Twitter app that allows people to share 6-second looping video clips, was released and instantly created waves of excitement and buzz.

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For Zuckerberg, Money Talks (and listens)

Around Christmas time, Facebook was experimenting with a new paid messaging system to ensure that a message you wanted to deliver to a user’s main inbox got there and didn’t get dumped into his or her ‘other’ inbox (a step above the spam folder). The price point being tested at the time was $1.

Multiply that by 100 and you get the new going price for CEOs.

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Klout Disses Bieber but We’re Still Not Sold

We’re not yet convinced the new Klout has much clout at all.  

Klout revealed a new scoring algorithm this week, along with a couple other changes to its website that will be rolled out in the coming weeks. In case you didn’t know, Klout is a tool that measures an individual’s online influence and assigns them a ‘Klout Score,’ a credit score-like number from 1 to 100, similar to the Q Score offered by Marketing Evaluations, Inc.

A high Klout Score seems to validate the many hours a social media maven spends online, but is it really a legitimate tool for measuring influence?

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Pinterest: Pinning is only the Beginning

By now you might have heard of this little site called Pinterest. Last summer it came into our lives and for us pinners, well, our online habits have completely changed. Now Pinterest is invading your off-line space, starting with magazines. Pinsanity!

The June issue of House Beautiful has a special section called “Kitchen of the Month,” which features the first “pinnable” magazine images. Obviously, House Beautiful only marks the start for pinners, and trust us — it won’t stop there.

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Video Sharing iPhone Apps to Watch

Thanks to the success of Instagram, many marketers are jumping on the chance to participate and engage consumers by using a similar platform to that of the photo-sharing wonder. As photo sharing keeps on flourishing, its video counterparts are starting to begin the climb toward success, possibly even putting YouTube at risk.

Being ahead of the curve is always a challenge with the fast pace of emerging technologies. We’ve gathered a list of video sharing apps that have the potential to be the next Instagram of video sharing that should be kept on the radar:

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Crafting Your ‘Crappy’ Corporate Response

No, we’re not trying to be facetious here. This truly is a post about some poop.

A few days ago in an attempt to be a bit humorous, and to evoke a bit of a response (or at least a giggle) from people, Clayton Hove (@adtothebone) put out this amusing little tweet:Now, Smart could have simply said nothing and let this tweet get lost in the digital ether. Instead, the company chose to respond.

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