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BalancedHealthy Headlines Produce for Better Health

The Produce for Better Health (PBH) Consumer Connection Conference had a new BalancedHealthy twist this year.

March’s PBH’s annual Consumer Connection Conference in San Francisco attracted retailers, supermarket dietitians, suppliers, growers, processors and industry leaders. We are very proud to announce that our own Mark Weinfeld, director of strategic planning at DGWB and innovator of BalancedHealthy, and Bob Ochsner, director of PR, were headline speakers at the event.

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Dole kicks off National Salad Month

Kicking off National Salad Month, our client Dole Fresh Vegetables is christening May 1 as National Salad Day. The day will be rooted in social media and include a takeover of the popular “food porn” site, which will feature the best salad photos and recipes from around the web. Tastespotting will also highlight one new, signature salad recipe every week throughout the month of May.

In addition to contributing to Tastespotting, salad lovers are encouraged to Tweet @DOLESaladGuide using the hashtag #SaladDay with creative blog posts, recipes, photos and ideas for the perfect salad or salad-based creation. Dole’s salad-specific Facebook page ( will also be part of the celebration.

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Sleep will be this decade’s big health movement

Living a more healthy and balanced life is nothing new. In the ‘90s healthy-minded Americans became obsessed with fitness. Jogging and exercise became a national pastime, and joining a gym was almost a family necessity. In ‘00s it was all about diet when we saw a national movement to sidestep artificial and processed foods, avoid fatty fast food fare, and focus on following more natural and wholesome diets. Continue reading

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Americans are rethinking meat

 After failed attempts at fad diets or reeling from information overload – consumers are looking for a comprehensive approach to healthy living – even if that means eating less meat. While the U.S. vegetarian population is small, more consumers are rethinking their meat consumption and opting for a “flexitarian” lifestyle. They consciously reduce their meat intake, while still occasionally enjoy protein. According to an user study, more than 1/3 of home cooks reported eating less meat compared to a year ago. While most people report that they are cutting back on protein for health reasons, saving money, environmental protection, and animal cruelty are also listed as top concerns. Continue reading

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How do I love thee? Let me count the healthy ways

While romance is alive and well in 2012, die-hard romantics are finding healthier ways than ever before to express their love this Valentine’s Day. Among the top three expected trends this Valentine’s Day among consumers pursuing a healthy lifestyle are:

The Couple that Cooks Together … Stays Together.

As part of the trend toward giving shared, memorable experiences over material gifts, couples cooking classes continue to surge in popularity. Williams-Sonoma, Sur la Table and other retailers continue to increase their complementary and paid class offerings, as do mobile culinary event companies like Parties That Cook®, which is increasingly targeting couples. Classes that stress organic and all-natural ingredients, aphrodisiacs and other niche foods or preparations are especially popular. A bigger trend is also at play this year: the recession-generated desire to bestow something lasting, in this case health and knowledge, versus just giving a fleeting thrill. Continue reading

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Taste of the Good Life Tour

The traditional Mediterranean lifestyle consists of fresh vegetables, whole grains, fish and olive oils, with a lower risk of cancer, and heart, Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s diseases (Mayo Clinic). For this reason, Star Fine Foods, the 113-year-old California importer of olive oils and Mediterranean specialty foods, partnered with DGWB to celebrate the remarkable health and taste benefits of the Mediterranean lifestyle that is supported by the launch of several new Star products, including grape seed oil, infused aromatic oils and an extra virgin olive oil (EVOO) made from olives grown in the Holy Land – as well as its first California-grown EVOO made exclusively from olives grown in California’s Central Valley. Continue reading

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New brand and website for Medjool Date Growers Association: Bard Valley Natural Delights

Dates are delicious, healthy, and can be prepared and eaten in countless ways. They are truly ‘natural delights.’

So … naturally … we are especially proud to reveal the new brand for Bard Valley Natural Delights™. The new website,, went live last week and will build awareness for both the Natural Delights brand and fresh date use in general.

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Top 5 fitness trends of 2011

What sounds more exciting – going to the gym or going out to play? Maybe this year you don’t have to make the choice.  It’s swimsuit season and people actually start using that gym membership that they’ve neglected all year. However, those looking to get into shape are often bored with repetitive workouts. Consumers have found fun fitness options that are both social and cost-friendly, ditching pricey gym memberships and stuffy weight rooms.

1)   Military Inspired

A fearless Tough Mudder | Photo courtesy of Tough Mudder

Those looking to get a total body workout with lots of variety are switching to bootcamp work out programs. Bootcamp-style fitness regimens are among the hottest trends of 2011. These military-like programs combine intense circuit training with Pilates. For those interested in surviving a zombie apocalypse (and who isn’t), the trainers at Zombiefit have developed a program to prepare survivalists to avoid zombies and get in shape at the same time. For extreme fitness fanatics, check out Tough Mudder events, where teams battle through obstacles like mud trenches, low voltage wires, freezing water, and fire.

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Biking in LA? Nobody bikes in LA.

Bike commuters brake for products that make their trip easier, quicker, safer and more comfortable. (Iconoculture 2011) Biking is gaining momentum, as both a viable personal transit option and a healthy lifestyle choice. From 1990-2009, the number of bike commuters in the U.S. rose by a whopping 64 percent. As ridership increases, more consumers are looking for supportive infrastructure, specialized products and community responsiveness.

Designed for daily commutes

Levi Jean's "Commuter" Line | Photo courtesy of CoolHunting

Cyclists are looking for products and services that make their daily commute easier. With the first wave of early adapters, there are now numerous specialized services and products for cyclists that validate cycling as a mainstream form of transportation. In Minneapolis – home to the second-largest number of bike commuters among U.S. cities – The Freewheel Midtown Bike Center gets bike commuters pumped, rehydrated and on their way. The center provides a sanctuary for urban cyclists, whom on their way to work can grab a coffee, rinse off the ride in a private shower, store or repair their bike in the do-it-yourself repair shop. The hub also serves as a base for community outreach. This bike shop, which is the first bike hub to receive both private and federal funding, represents an emerging trend in non-motorized transportation.

Levi’s is not only designing jeans, but lifestyles. Their new Commuter clothing line integrates features that address the unique needs of cyclists, all while maintaining style and durability. For example, a jacket with a longer tail to cover the bum and longer sleeve cuffs to cover hands, all treated with a dirt, water and odor resistant antimicrobial layer. Designed with the commuter in mind, Nau’s recycled polyester Courier Windshirt combines the style of a tailored shirt with waterproof and breathable technology of a cycling jacket.

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The g-word

Gangsta? Groupie? No, try Gluten.

There’s a new label on food that is not only changing the way consumers live, but also buy.

“WARNING: May contain wheat.”

Seems a bit odd to warn of a main ingredient, but for those living with Celiac Disease or gluten allergies this warning is obediently scanned for on packaging and menus. May is National Celiac Disease Awareness Month and while celebrities have promoted a gluten-free diet in the past – don’t call it a food trend.

Celiac disease is a hereditary autoimmune disorder in the lower intestines where gluten, a protein found in wheat grain, barley, and rye, cannot be digested. Continue reading

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