Instagram and Pinterest Join the Ad Party

Brace yourself, the ads are coming!

Instagram and Pinterest are now joining the ad party, but being fashionably late won’t help their image any more than older adopters like Facebook and Twitter. Already knowing how users responded to current social media sites with ads, both sites state they will “slowly roll out this change” and “make it as natural as possible.” But what exactly does that mean? And how natural can they make it? We don’t actually know. But we do know one thing for sure—consumers like what they have just the way they have it.

Last week, Pinterest showed the first of their “promoted pins” which are made visible when users use the search function. The pins blend in as if they belong on the board but can be spotted as an ad with the “Promoted Pin” label and a “More Information” icon. Once the icon is pressed, fingers are pointed at who paid to have it show up in their personal space. But that doesn’t stop users from blaming Pinterest for their newly-invaded experience. One commenter speaks for all when she says, “Hate these random pins appearing on my feed”.

One company just released how Instagram will most likely present its ads. Being how it’s mainly comprised of beautiful pictures and imagery, advertisers will have a heyday creating ads on a ‘blank canvas.’ The tricky part to this will be Instagram’s effort to maintain creative standards since there will be millions of marketers who will utilize this channel. That’s a lot of ads needing attention and approval.

Until then, cherish your ad-less social media while it lasts.

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