25 for 25: Our Interns are Buff

We are quickly checking off the 25 projects we chose to improve ourselves and our community throughout our 25 for 25 initiative. One of the most pressing: going green by recycling 2,500 pounds of paper. Yeah, that’s right, twenty-five hundred. That’s a lot of paper.

Twice a month, one lucky employee (read: intern) and a few very generous volunteers (usually only the intern) round up the recycling bins on each DGWB floor and loads the collected paper into the (intern’s) car. This is the process that’s normally overlooked — actually hauling it to the center. It’s actually much longer and more complicated than it appears: each bag can weigh up to 40 pounds.

We have fit interns.

Each trip to OC Recycling Center consists of a little more than 100 pounds of recycled material. And in keeping with the theme, we recycle this money back into another 25 for 25 initiative, raising $2,500 for Movember and men’s health issues (read about our 2012 Movember fundraiser here).

Recycling is one of the simplest ways to help the environment and you’d be surprised how much paper goes wasted every day in a typical working office. Set up some recycling bins, encourage people to use them instead of their usual waste bins, and watch how quickly they fill up. Then go grab an intern.

Learn more about how we’re celebrating our 25th anniversary by improving ourselves and our community in 2013!

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