25 for 25: A Bunch of Losers at DGWB

What’s the best way to celebrate making it to 25? An enormous cake? Cupcakes from Sprinkles? Cocktails at Lola’s? NO! As part of our 25 for 25 initiative and our ongoing commitment to our BalancedHealthy practice, we decided instead to shed 250 collective pounds by bringing the Weight Watchers at Work program into the agency.

In just a few months we have lost more than 300 pounds, with the biggest winners shedding more than 30 pounds each. One DGWBer is using paper clips to track every pound lost:

Advertising is a stressful business with lots of ups and downs. While we all love what we do, we often turn to food and drink to reduce our stress and improve our dispositions (at least temporarily). Unfortunately, these indulgences usually lead to muffin tops and double chins.

Our Weight Watchers rep Barbara visits our office every Monday to weigh us all and provide healthy lifestyle tips. In truth, she didn’t tell us anything we didn’t already know: We needed to control our portions, eat more fruits and vegetables and get more exercise. (The shame of being the one person who didn’t lose each Monday was impetus to log your points and get your workouts in over the weekend.)

It’s addictive. The staff has been so pumped up about the weight loss and improved energy that they’ve started an evening Insanity workout program on site at the agency. A healthy weight improves your overall health, including reducing the risk of cancer, improving your heart health and giving you way more energy to enjoy life to the fullest.

What better way to celebrate the agency’s 25th birthday than healthier and happier employees? We’ll drink to that (two points for a small glass of wine)!

Learn more about how we’re celebrating our 25th anniversary by improving ourselves and our community in 2013!

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