Gentlemen, Start Your Wieners

The 18th Annual Wienerschitzel Wiener Nationals have arrived and in this year’s DGWB-made promo video everyone can experience the event as the underdog.

While the races don’t kick off until Saturday, July 20, the Wiener Nationals creative team has given fans a dog’s eye view by strapping on a GoPro camera and taking them through the most unique of race experiences. For us, the idea seemed natural, “small camera/small dog.”

And we’re proud to say the video was named GoPro Video of the Day today.

From arrival to the finish line, the video follows wiener dog Jake through a race that can only be described as epic. For this year’s work with longtime DGWB client Wienerschnitzel, the DGWB creative team sought to give credit to the often overlooked racing abilities of these tiny speedsters. The GoPro became the perfect tool, letting viewers see what the dog sees — and only from just a few inches above the race track.

Last year more than 10,000 fans were on hand to watch the tiny contestants race to the finish line at the Los Alamitos Race Course where the 2013 event will take place again Saturday at 6:30 p.m. (gates open at 4:30 p.m.). The family-oriented event is a great way for Wienerschitzel to reach out and interact with the local community in a fun way while giving back. All proceeds go the Seal Beach Animal Care Center.

To experience all the action and see which underdog will be crowned Wiener National champion, join us Saturday. But in the meantime get your dachshund fix by taking a look through their eyes in the awesome promo video:

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