Our Summertime Cartoonist

Professional cartoonist gone advertiser? Natural advertiser gone freelance cartoonist? Regardless, we’re proud to say that our very own Jon Gothold has a knack for both. As a Partner/Executive Creative Director at DGWB Jon has made an enormously successful career for himself in the industry, however, as a student, he one day anticipated a simpler life sketching and illustrating cartoons.

Many DGWB employees possess special skills and interests, so as soon as we heard that Jon’s cartoons would be published in OC Weekly, we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to toot our own horn… we have some pretty talented people walking these halls.

Written by Jim Washburn an illustrated by Gothold, the cartoon series The OC Summertime Time Machine takes a look into summers past and a evokes nostalgia  over this beautiful time of the year:

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