Instagram vs. Vine: The Struggle Is Real

The public has grown to love the digital age, “love” being an understated word. The idea of always being connected to one another is exciting, being able to constantly share snarky thoughts on Twitter, drunkenly Snapchatting from living rooms on Wednesday nights, and #tbt baby pictures at Disneyland.

The newfound trend that society has grown to love is anything visual, ESPECIALLY short gif-like videos. This isn’t very hard to believe, and we can see that from Instagram and Vine. About 16 billion photos have been posted on Instagram since it started in 2010. Just a couple weeks ago, Twitter announced that its video app Vine had surpassed 13 million downloads only five months after its release in January.

Everyone embraces this idea of “connectedness”, especially big social media companies like Twitter and Facebook. The two have recently become very competitive, seeing that both have released news of updates on their apps (Vine and Instagram, respectively) within the span of three days. Earlier this week, Instagram created a stir, notifying fans and users that important news was to be released. Shortly after, (hours before Facebook officially released Instagram news, actually), Vine quickly deterred the public’s attention to their new, with short videos created by the co-founder leaking new features to be released very soon. Of course, seeing the Facebook statuses and Tweets today, that spotlight was short lived, as the excitement has now been returned to Instagram and its new video app, allowing users to create videos lasting up to 15 secs.

The two apps are obviously neck in neck in this video trend competition. As of now, it’s probably safe to say that Vine has been one-upped by Instagram, considering their gifs can last about three-times longer than Vine’s videos. And who can forget the always-loved Instagram filters? As said by Instagram co-founder Kevin Systrom, “This is the same Instagram that we know and love … but it moves.” We take it we’ll be seeing a lot of 15-second videos of the always-loved-on-Instagram salads, booze, and #selfies.

It’ll only be a matter of time before Vine releases its set of news soon. Maybe 14 filters to its app? Sixteen-second videos? Undoubtedly, we’ll find out soon enough. Not that we’re complaining. We now have to make the difficult decision of either taking a picture of our sushi, taking a 6-second video of our sushi, or a 15-second video of our sushi. The struggle is real.

Believing fitness is always key, we gave it a shot–or a shake–below:

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