Free Yogurt! Join Us on a Flavor Quest

As if anyone needed another excuse to go grab some frozen yogurt, our client Yogurtland’s fearless Flavorologist has scoured the globe to bring 10 new delicious reasons to every Yogurtland. And now they’re inviting everyone to take a Flavor Quest of their own.

Through May 26, flavoroligists-in-training are encouraged to travel the world by spoon and taste 10 exclusive flavors at Yogurtland. To make it easier, we just created and launched Yogurtland’s brand-new mobile app to track flavors tasted and earn free rewards.

Every new flavor is equipped with a scannable QR code, and the Yogurtland app has a built-in QR code scanner for easy tracking and rewards stacking. Every time a flavor is scanned, a fan earns one free ounce of yogurt and begins making his way around the globe.

If that wasn’t exciting enough, scanning all 10 flavors will not only grant 10 free ounces of yogurt, but also enters fans into a sweepstakes to win free yogurt for a year.

But the app can do more than just earn free yogurt. Fans are able to search by location AND flavor, share their tasty creations to an inner-Yogurtland network, and soon, they’ll be able to pay for and redeem their free yogurt, all from the convenience of their phone.

Start the Flavor Quest today and earn your way to free yogurt!

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