25 for 25: DGWB in the OC Register–We’re Super Popular

Did you see this week’s Orange County Register feature story about our 25 for 25 initiative?

Upon hearing about our 25th anniversary this year, the OC Register visited our offices to get to know us a little better. Then they came out to join us at the Ronald McDonald House in Orange as we worked toward fulfilling one of our 25 for 25 initiatives: volunteer 25 hours per employee to the community.

This time around, we prepared and served breakfast to families staying at the house.

Donating time at worthy community organizations such as the Ronald McDonald house is just a small part of what we’re trying to accomplish with this initiative, which will span all of 2013.

To get a good idea of what our 25 for 25 is all about, check out the Register’s story by visiting the newspaper’s site, or simply giving it a read right here:

Learn more about how we’re celebrating our 25th anniversary by improving ourselves and our community in 2013!

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