Facebook Hops on the Hashtag Train #crashandburn #choochoo

Facebook is losing its mojo by heading into the realm of symbols and joining the hashtag orgy. Spawned from the ever powerful Twitter Machine, this symbol (#) deserves to be pounded into the ground.

Hashtags, words or phrase preceded by the pound symbol (#), have succeeded at becoming a nuisance in the daily social media-sphere. These specially tracked and aggregated words or phrases show what is trending, and by clicking on a hashtag, consumers are able to bring up other posts with the same tag.

Essentially, this provides an opportunity for people who love themselves way too much to inflate their egos by jumping on the trending topic bandwagon. With their sometimes snarky, cryptic nature, hashtags are also a convenient way to insult someone and then say you were just being sarcastic. #yousuck #jkjk

From a marketing standpoint, the integration of hashtags provides an opportunity for brands to connect with their users. But where you see hashtags, Facebook sees dollar signs. Advertisers could, just as they promote ‘likes’ of their business pages, hypothetically ‘promote’ user hashtags that contain particular relevant content. Such promoted posts could get more prominent and longer-lasting placement on Facebook’s News Feed, where non-promoted items are sorted by relevance. We suppose even Mark Zuckerberg is willing to get down off of his high horse for some extra dough. #dolladollabillsyall

So what will this mean to users other than being bombarded with yet another avenue for their friend’s ‘creative expression’ of their latest Vegas trip? #vegas #vokda #whathappensinvegas #clubs #poolside #OMG #freedrinks #soridiculous #lookatme #iamawesome #betterthanyou #duh

With dedicated ‘anti-hashtag’ groups already present on the site, it will be interesting to see the response from the rest of the Facebook population. Just as each Timeline change has sparked controversy and backlash, the integration of hashtags will ruffle some feathers. But in the end we’ll all just have to get used to it because the reality is, Facebook doesn’t care.

People are already complaining…

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