Facebook Chefs Serve Up a New Feed

Get ready for a very visual timeline consumption.

Facebook announced yet another new News Feed for you to hate, complain about, and then grumbly accept and eventually embrace. The online-giant has recently revamped the News Feed with a more visually-focused layout. Larger images will fill the white space on the News Feed and videos will be shown more prominently, no longer making it possible for wandering eyes to ignore posted content.

This renovation is music to marketers’ ears, as they are eager to take up eye-catching real estate. However, with great power comes great responsibility, so it is more important now than ever to post engaging photos and videos. That means no longer getting away with posting grammatically incorrect and low resolution pictures…

With the new engaging display of ‘like’ stories, cover photos are essential and are no longer only seen when visiting a Facebook page. Additionally, it has been a trend that photos excel in engagement, while videos typically perform at a mediocre level. Now that videos will be displayed similarly to photos — larger and more prominent — this can be used to bring more lifestyle videos to audiences and potentially receive the same level of engagement as photos.

However, as new opportunities present themselves for marketers, this News Feed also provides consumers with a trick up their sleeve: FEED CHOICE. In a Google + fashion, Facebook is allowing everyone to follow specific feeds, such as photos, posts from certain friend groups, or even Instagram posts. Now it’s possible to choose whichever social fodder you desire.

With this new feed, Facebook honcho Mark Zuckerberg aims, “to give everyone the best personalized newspaper in the world.” Sounds like someone is turning into a William Randolph Hearst 2.0.

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