It’s Valentine’s Day … and There’s an App for That

So it’s Valentine’s Day and who needs to rely on Cupid’s arrow when you’ve got a fully charged smartphone? Let’s put that baby to good use!


Single and ready to mingle?

Crowded Room might be the answer to all your problems. It’s similar to Foursquare: users check-in to a location and can to see who else is there. The difference is the social ability of the check-in. Once you’re at a location, you can message anyone at the location, getting a feel for who they are before you have to, gulp, approach them face-to-face.

So you forgot to make dinner reservations…

Download OpenTable and search for restaurant reservations by location and time. It’s much faster than calling every restaurant in the book for availability and it gives you more time to suit up and pick up that box of chocolates.

If you’re a little shy…

Fingle’s goal is letting you “explore the intimate touch of each other’s fingers.” That’s right. It’s Twister for your iPad. It’s not exactly the road to second base, but at least it’s a sure-fire icebreaker that could set the scene for some tech-nerdy fun.

Were you stood up?

Sure you may have had a few good dates with this guy, but did he seriously have the nerve to not show up on the most romantic day of the year? Lulu provides payback, letting women review men like restaurants. It allows ladies to rate men on their looks, sense of humor, willingness to commit and their best and worst qualities. Ouch.

Picking the perfect card for the perfect Valentine’s Day date…

While it may not be an app, Lovestagram connects to your Instagram account to create a slideshow of photos shared between you and that special someone. The app works with anyone, no matter your relationship status, though at least for now, all of the frames are love-themed.

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