Vine: Your Twitter-Condensed Version of YouTube

Last week, the tranquil waters of Twitter were shaken by a newcomer to the social sphere. Vine, a Twitter app that allows people to share 6-second looping video clips, was released and instantly created waves of excitement and buzz.

This tool allows users to create videos of either individual moments or a straight sequence. Launching a fun and quick way to tell a story, Vine gives everyone an additional platform to express themselves. Folks, welcome to the Twitter-condensed version of YouTube.

Many brands have already started using the GIF-like app, sharing fun tidbits about their company. Red Vines and Urban Outfitters have taken the quirky approach, while other companies such as NBC News and MSNBC give short informational tours of its offices. The extra boost of sharable information adds spice to the romance of consumerism.   

But what’s a story without some conflict? Within a few hours of Vine’s rising popularity, Facebook cut off access to Vine’s Find People feature, which used to let Vine users find their Facebook friends using the application. Now we’re all unable to creep on our friends’ Vine accounts without them knowing — darn.

However, Facebook is serious, updating its main iOS application days after Vine’s launch, adding the ability to capture and add video from inside the app. Vine is sure to prove to be a force to be reckoned with against Facebook’s arsenal of apps.

Vine has been referred to as a game-changer on the social media scene, but maybe it’s just more photo-app crack to fuel the share-hungry millennials. In any case, keep in mind that your 6 seconds of fame is just an app away.

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