Happy Birthday DGWB: Our 25 for 25

Today is our 25th birthday, and damn we feel good.

But before you write it off as sheer cockiness, read on. We want to use our silver anniversary as an opportunity to give back to our community… all year long in 2013.

Everything started in 1988. Rambo III and Rain Man dominated the box office, The Cosby Show and Cheers topped the TV ratings and Americans were gearing up for their first look of deep space, courtesy of the Hubble Space Telescope.

Meanwhile, in Irvine, Calif., a small group of hungry ad executives joined forces to create what was to become Orange County’s largest independent advertising agency, and a pioneering force in the Southern California ad industry best known for its shared values approach to marketing.

Twenty-five years later to the day, the marriage has never been stronger. We’re now based in our funky Santa Ana, Calif., building and are proudly marking our silver anniversary by issuing a list of the 25 ways we pledge to give back to our community in 2013.

The list, consisting of suggestions compiled by agency personnel, ranges from the planting of 25 trees and the adoption of 25 local families during the holidays, to the creation of a five-year $2,500 annual scholarship for an advertising student at California State University, Fullerton.

“We’ve spent the past 25 years advising clients that trust, community-connectedness and giving back are the building blocks of a successful brand,” said Mike Weisman, our president and co-founder (and the “W” in DGWB). “What better opportunity than our 25th anniversary to again practice what we preach? DGWB owes its success to its community – and these 25 initiatives allow us to demonstrate this gratitude throughout the year.”

In honor of our big 2-5 this year, our employees and partners pledge to:

  1. Award a $2,500 scholarship to a CSUF advertising student every year for five years.
  2. Walk, bike or run 2,500 miles in organized charitable events.
  3. Raise $2,500 in Movember (November) for men’s health awareness.
  4. Lose 250 pounds as part of the agency’s Weight Watchers program.
  5. Plant 25 trees.
  6. Staff 25 volunteers for beach-cleanup events.
  7. Recycle 2,500 pounds of paper.
  8. Take public transportation to work for a collective 250 days.
  9. Decrease office disposable coffee cup use by 25 percent (BYOM-Bring Your Own Mug)
  10. Donate 250 outfits to nonprofit organization Working Wardrobes.
  11. Staff 25 participants in Orange County’s Susan B. Komen Walk for the Cure.
  12. Donate 25 hours per employee to the community (1,500 total hours agency-wide).
  13. Serve 250 hours for local pro-bono clients.
  14. Send 25 care packages to military members.
  15. Adopt 25 families for Christmas.
  16. Encourage Creative Director (and predictable dresser) Jonathan Brown to wear 25 different, non-black shirts throughout the year.
  17. Try 25 new local lunch spots in our Santa Ana neighborhood.
  18. Offer 25 compliments to strangers on Feb. 5.
  19. Encourage 25 employees to share their unique talents and interests with the rest of the agency.
  20. Find temporary positions for 25 interns from local universities.
  21. Assist in the adoption of 25 pets.
  22. Read 250 non-marketing books entirely for pleasure.
  23. Persuade 25 employees to take the stairs instead of the elevator throughout the year.
  24. Host a 1988-themed prom for employees and their significant others.
  25. Host a 1988 film festival.

We’ll be going off this list all year, so feel free to check back and hold us to our word. This blog, and our Facebook page, is where we’ll do the bulk of our updates as we strive to meet all 25 of our goals.

Will our 25 volunteers stay off the elevator for a whole year? Will JB actually make it out to Kohl’s once or twice? Will the photos from our 1988 prom be as frightening as you think? We’ll let you know.

In the meantime, today we’re going to work just like we have for the past 25 years. After all, not too much has changed, has it, Mike?

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