For Zuckerberg, Money Talks (and listens)

Around Christmas time, Facebook was experimenting with a new paid messaging system to ensure that a message you wanted to deliver to a user’s main inbox got there and didn’t get dumped into his or her ‘other’ inbox (a step above the spam folder). The price point being tested at the time was $1.

Multiply that by 100 and you get the new going price for CEOs.

Facebook is offering users the option to pay $100 in order to have their private messages sent to Mark Zuckerberg‘s Facebook inbox rather than his ‘other’ folder. Is it worth it? With no guarantee that Zuckerberg will respond, why depart with a precious Benjamin?

Here’s some speculation on what’s really going on:

This could possibly be the beginning of Facebook shouldering around a straightforward paid membership with loophole$$. Maybe next they’ll charge per privacy setting: Hide email address? $10. Don’t want us to reveal your SSN? $100. Untag yourself from embarrassing drunk photo last night? $200.

That last one’s actually not too bad an idea.

Or …

His $100 ploy is like some kind of expensive dating site. The young genius has set up a routine for people to pay HIM to be his friend, and he can decide to respond or not. Like, but instead,

Better yet — this could be the beginning of all Facebook users not only charging their friends to send messages, but maybe even charging accordingly and appropriately. $1 for family members, $5 for distant cousins and grandmothers, and even a premium for ex-girlfriends.

Regardlesls — time to cast Lindsay Lohan off of TMZ, we’ve got a new spiraling drama queen: Facebook.

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