Trading Doritos for Carrots

A change in seasons, an earlier sunset, and a new school year always signals the kind of late night snacking and all-too-typical junk food consumption that leaves inbound college freshmen unable to button their jeans by Christmas.

But today, according to our BalancedHealthy practice, three lifestyle changes will make eating healthy and staying fit in 2013 much more appealing:

Reading, Writing and Eating Healthy–Thanks to the Healthy and Hunger-Free Kids Act that took effect this school year, cafeterias serving younger students are replacing the infamous Mystery Meatloaf with healthier dishes. Collegians, as well, are beginning to trade up that cram study session and dorm diet of Red Bull and Doritos for healthier foods found in the Trader Joe’s College Cookbook.

Oh, My Aching Back(pack)–Food isn’t the only thing evolving in dorm rooms. A recent study linked chronic back pain and back pathology in children to heavy backpacks. The widespread trend of using digital reading materials such as iPads and Kindles is just what the doctor ordered, surely helping to lighten the load of children’s backpacks.

Fitness on Campus–Fitness doesn’t have to involve bulky weights or laborious treadmill miles. Even those of us who aren’t training for a marathon or mountain-top ascent can exercise with the new trends of 2012 and beyond. Look for more yoga, kickboxing, aquatic exercises, and dance-style workouts such as Zumba to spring up around campus gyms worldwide.  

We don’t expect these trends to slow down anytime soon. From elementary school to college, back to school may no longer mean processed cafeteria food, dorm room lazing, and the feared freshman 15. Could we be not too far away from it instead meaning new fitness centers and, gasp, baby carrot vending machines?

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