DGWB Halloween 2012: Romy, Michele and Binders of Women

Halloween is a big deal at DGWB.

Along with transforming our office, we hold an annual costume contest that we take very seriously. Take a look at our deserving winners:

Print Production Manager Julie Esler and PR Account Executive Cindy Tullues for best single/duet and interpretive dance costume:

Controller Cindy Melton, for most important political issue facing America today:

French transplant Baptiste St. James, for being French (or, his best interpretation of DGWB Director/Editor Aron Orton):

While not everyone was as awesome as our winners, below are a few other DGWBers, and we honor them for their participation:

Finishing off the day, we hosted a dessert bake-off. From bloody glass to mummified yummies, there was definitely an array of creative dishes awaiting all:

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