DGWB’s Best of: London 2012 Olympics Ads

Everyone is swarming over the opportunities the London Olympics offer in terms of getting their brand’s voice heard by larger audiences. From traditional broadcast spots to viral campaigns, we have selected a few of our favorites worthy of taking home a medal.

P&G, Thank you Mom

While there is no shortage of tears and cheers of joy from Team USA itself, P&G is recognizing the parents of Olympic athletes. Why is it among our top picks? While other campaigns focused on the athletes, P&G thanking the moms instead is a creative way to differentiate its brands. Not to mention this spot gets many of us a little teary eyed…

Nike, Find Your Greatness

You don’t have to be an Olympic athlete to find your inner greatness. Nike empowers viewers by showing athletes from Ohio, Norway, Jamaica and elsewhere finding their strength and passion. While not being an official Olympics sponsor and having limitations for use of the iconic Olympic rings and other related imagery, Nike still nails it, bringing the spirit of the games to life in its campaign. (Another stirring spot from the same campaign also is worth mentioning.)

Coca-Cola, Move to the Beat

Coca-Cola is no stranger to the Olympics, having been associated with the games for 83 years. Reminiscent of an older Nike Basketball dribbling spot, this commercial uses the Olympic events themselves as a source of music to orchestrate the spot. Coca-Cola has stated that this is its ”biggest Olympics campaign ever.”

Old Spice, I Will Live Forever

Old Spice is at it again with memorable ads consumers love. A simple storyline complete with random comical elements tied to the Olympic games. What more is there to love?

Adidas, Take the Stage

Although Adidas focused most of its resources on Team Great Britain (rather than choosing an international campaign route) this campaign is not to be left unrecognized. The ads are powerful and beautifully executed. The message is strong and connects with the emotions of anyone calling Great Britain home. And let’s not forget its guerilla stunt at the Westfield Stratford City Adidas store where shoppers were invited to a photo booth only to see a surprise visitor.

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