Video Sharing iPhone Apps to Watch

Thanks to the success of Instagram, many marketers are jumping on the chance to participate and engage consumers by using a similar platform to that of the photo-sharing wonder. As photo sharing keeps on flourishing, its video counterparts are starting to begin the climb toward success, possibly even putting YouTube at risk.

Being ahead of the curve is always a challenge with the fast pace of emerging technologies. We’ve gathered a list of video sharing apps that have the potential to be the next Instagram of video sharing that should be kept on the radar:


Just like Twitter, Viddy limits the message (a maximum of 15 seconds). Short watch time leads to more videos watched and more engagement because the viewer does not have enough time to get bored. The New York Times says, “if you’ve seen what Instagram has done for phone-shot photos, you can imagine that Viddy may soon do the same for videos.”

With Viddy’s new users reaching one million daily, this app is growing faster than you can read this blog post.


Released in March 2011, Viddy’s biggest rival, SocialCam, has a few things going for it. The layout for video browsing is very Pinterest-esque making it fun to explore new content. SocialCam also uploads seamlessly to Facebook and other social sites, making it easier for sharing. Same editing and filter options and no 15 second limit.


A new breed of video, Cinamagram allows users to create art that takes Harry Potter’s moving portraits to a new level. This app lets the user create a stunning hybrid between photo and video (GIF), animating a small portion of the image while the rest stands still. It also allows the user to add filters for an aged or vintage look.

OK, we’ve given you plenty of ammo. Now go find a target and shoot something.

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