National No-Print Day: Give ‘Tree’ a Day off

What’s a copier company doing asking people to not print?

As contrarian as it sounds, we love the idea, and we’re in. We’ve taken the pledge to not print or copy for an entire day on National No-Print Day, set for Oct. 23, and we think you should do the same by simply ‘liking’ the National No-Print Day Facebook page.

This first-annual nationwide campaign launched this week and is spearheaded by DGWB client Toshiba America Business Solutions. The goal is to encourage, educate and challenge individuals and companies to commit to one day of no printing in order to raise awareness of the impact printing has on our planet.

It’s really more than Toshiba asking people to stop printing for a day. It’s Toshiba wanting people to start thinking about the impact printing has. Companies are often failing to make the link between printing waste and its negative impacts on landfills, natural resources and the environment.

To help change behavior and the way we print at the office and at home, a comprehensive social media campaign has been created — the star of which is ‘Tree,’ Toshiba’s affable spokescharacter (or, spokesplant). And Tree needs a day off. He hasn’t had one since the invention of the printing press.

“That was, I don’t know, five, 600 years ago?” Tree says in a promotional video.

Tree’s been busy pressing branches and gathering hugs this week at the Sustainable Brands ’12 Conference in San Diego to gather National No-Print Day pledges.

Take a look at Tree, and what he’s got planned for his big day off on Oct. 23 and then go take the pledge!

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