How do I love thee? Let me count the healthy ways

While romance is alive and well in 2012, die-hard romantics are finding healthier ways than ever before to express their love this Valentine’s Day. Among the top three expected trends this Valentine’s Day among consumers pursuing a healthy lifestyle are:

The Couple that Cooks Together … Stays Together.

As part of the trend toward giving shared, memorable experiences over material gifts, couples cooking classes continue to surge in popularity. Williams-Sonoma, Sur la Table and other retailers continue to increase their complementary and paid class offerings, as do mobile culinary event companies like Parties That Cook®, which is increasingly targeting couples. Classes that stress organic and all-natural ingredients, aphrodisiacs and other niche foods or preparations are especially popular. A bigger trend is also at play this year: the recession-generated desire to bestow something lasting, in this case health and knowledge, versus just giving a fleeting thrill.

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